Batch 2.4: Clover Pollen Treat, redux

Ok, just tweaking the recipe slightly. Let's see how it works with a little higher starting SG:

Batch #: 2.4
Brew Date: 2009-05-14
Type: Extract
Malt Extracts:
8.5lb Briess wheat-barley liquid malt extract
1lb Clover Honey - 10 minutes

Malted Grains:
1lb Gambrinus Honey malt 25L
1oz Sterling - 45 minutes
Wyeast 3086 Wheinstephan Wheat

OG: 1.069 at 60 F

Yeah, pretty straightforward, honey added right before flameout, otherwise totally standard. Shooting for a slightly more potent batch this time, and rigged a blow-off tube as the Wheinstephan is very aggressive. Definitely need a temperature controlled primary, next. Right? Right.

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