Batch 2.3: Clover Pollen Treat

After discovering that I'd apparently lost (can we go with misplaced?) the recipes and notes from the first three batches of beer that I'd brewed, I realized I should stop being an idiot and just post my notes here.


So without further ado:

Batch #: 2.3
Brew Date: 2009-04-09
Type: Extract
Malt Extracts:
7lb Briess wheat-barley liquid malt extract
Malted Grains:
1lb Gambrinus Honey malt 25L
1oz German Traditional (should have been: Hallertau) - 60 minutes
Wyeast 3086 Wheinstephan Wheat
OG: 1.050 at 70 F

Steeped the malted barley in 3 gallons of water at 165-155 F for 30 minutes, then sparged in remainder of boil water (2.5 gallons) at 170F. 1 tbsp Irish moss added. Otherwise totally straightforward.

4 oz of Clover honey pasteurized and added to primary at 24 hours.

This one looks like it'll come out properly, even though I managed to get a very violent (and over temperature) initial fermentation. I need better temperature control in my primary.

Edit: Kegged directly from primary on 2009-14-16 (7 days). FG: 1.012. Needs to settle and clear, but tastes pretty decent. Definitely going to go with Tettnang hops next time, and probably add the honey to the boil.