Preview: Bridgestone Blizzak WS-60

Snow tires aren't exactly cheap. This set of 15 inchers ran just under $800 with shipping, wheels, and tire pressure sensors. Actually, only about $350 of that money went towards tires. So, they're somewhere in the realm beyond all-seasons and budget performance tires, and well below a serious performance tire.

The real question is: how much would you pay for traction? In my case, since I plan on making 50 or more trips into the Cascades this winter, I thought the expense was justified. You're not going to feel too proud of your thriftiness as you slide towards the guardrail on a snow-covered mountain pass.

I'll come back here and actually compare them to the Bridgestone Turanzas they replaced - hopefully after this weekend.


a said...

are tire pressure sensors required now or something?


deprogram said...


Federal mandate as of 2006. Just like airbags. Yay! Progress!

You can opt not to install them and suffer an idiot light on the dash at all times... unlike airbags which are not an option.